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About GoGolf4Life and Wright Balance

I am Peter Millhouse and have spent the best part of my life playing, learning and coaching the game I love, and until recently was convinced it was definitely an art, and nothing to do with science!

Since 1974 I’ve been lucky enough to be a Tournament Pro, Club Pro, Club Maker, Green keeper, Course Architect, Director of Golf, and a Golf Teacher. Throughout the years the overriding passion has always been teaching, so I have always been interested in the way the latest champions played. Mysteriously they all seem to do it differently.
I have visited the natural free style golf recommended by great coaches like Fred Shoemaker and the much more rigorous and detailed styles, like the one created by the brilliant Peter Croker. Both are fantastic coaches but they have very different approaches.

I always believed the truth was somewhere between, stand/grip/swing however you want, and stand/grip/swing exactly by the book, now I know it is; stand/grip/swing how your body wants!

I found this out by accident when I listened to a podcast with Dr David Wright, where he described, the latest science behind mapping a persons core muscle groups, and in so doing helping them achieve perfect balance. It turns out that the stance width and grip are critical in aligning the core, so you really do need to pay attention to how you stand and hold the club. After much experimentation and study of the science, the benefits were there for all to see, so now as a qualified Wright Balance Fitter ( only the 2nd in Europe), I can quickly help you to find perfect balance for your body, and then you can give yourself  permission to swing out of your mind!

I love sharing these latest discoveries and seeing this knowledge, add so much to the enjoyment of what is undoubtedly the greatest game on earth.

So whether you are a golf beginner or an advanced player, I will show you quickly and simply how to play great golf, avoid injury, and above all enjoy your time on the course!

Be well, and be balanced.

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