Slapping and a sliding

When the sun comes we all rush to the range to find our swing to be ready for the season,but the range is probably the worst place to find your swing!

It all happens too fast, and instead of  checking the basics and noticing what you are doing,  your  focus is on the ball. After a while you “get your eye in”  by cancelling a poor hand action (which slaps the ball left) with a poor body movement (a slide which sends the ball right) and top off with the immortal words Now I’ve got it! 

You are now actually further from the truth than you were before you started practicing.

Why not take your time to hit tiny chip shots with a sand wedge, picking a target just 10 meters away, use a normal set up, pay attention to your grip,aim, and posture and do half swings in slow motion.

 Hold the finish and check to see if you fulfil the 3 conditions of a good impact. 

Hips are open, weight into left heel.

Shoulders parallel, left up right down.

Both thumbs pushing down, so head  of club  finishes low to the ground.

When you can do that, take it to the range, gently add body turn to lengthen the swing as the target is further away. Focus on hitting the ball well rather than hard.”
Now you’ve got it!”

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