The Culture of Golf (Hickory v Lamborghini)

When you start to learn golf ( actually once you start you never stop!) there seems to be a lot of good advice available from books,magazines,tv pundits,and fellow players.

Even if you find a Golf Pro to “teach” you, how can you be sure the information you are gathering is the truth?

My experience has made it easier to spot the information which though often passed on with the desire to help actually adds to the confusion.The fundamental problem stems from modelling tuition on what the top players do. Back when I was young Jack Nicklaus, Tony Jacklin and Johnny Miller were fashionable, so everyone learnt to slide their hips towards the target. 35 years on everyone who grew up with that motion has ankle, knee and back pain!

Watching what the stars of the tour do is great fun but not the best way to become self aware and develop a good technique. Gogolf4life want you to really learn how to play well now and continue to improve into your dotage.

The culture of golf however, does not want you to learn how to play well, and continue to improve, because then you would realise that you are in control, and the equipment, accesories and clothing are not at all that  important! It is big business and they would lose a consumer of the latest advance (quick fix), which we all know only satisfies for a short time, and leaves an emptiness when it inevitably stops working. Like any addict we then need to fill the “hole” with the next new offering (deep down we know it will never last). If you keep looking outside to buy a solution, you will never realise you already own the answer.

Don’t become addicted to quick fixes, join us at GoGolf4Life and enjoy, learning and performing your best for the rest of your life.

I had to laugh when I saw the Callaway v Lamborghini, it looked like something those daft buggers at “Top Gear” would dream up. Incidentaly I recently had a game with some old hickory clubs, and you know what, it was a lot more fun, much more organic, with a strong  sense of connection between player, club, ball and course.

Amazingly when you swing well,the ball goes just as far as with the latest equipment! For sure regular practice with less forgiving equipment would force the player to improve,whereas forgiving equipment will cause players to become worse.

Maybe we should organise Hickory v Lamborghini, or at least start to have regular games with hickory equipment, anyone interested?

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