Rain again so train that brain

The weather here in Spain has turned again and we seem set, for a few days by the fire.

I know you have become bored of practicing the correct right wrist movement on the sofa, and have checked your grip, aim, posture and takeaway a thousand times in the mirror. See the golf lessons here.

 Yet still you can’t think of anything but getting out playing again, stop wasting time and improve your mind!

Sit quietly, relax, clear your mind, place your hands on your stomach, and focus on your breathing.

Deep and slow.  In one, out one, in two, out two…….

It sounds simple to sit and count each breathe in and out from 1 to 10, and then begin at 1 again.

However it is really tough, because your mind begins to wander, and random thoughts, like “what’s for dinner” pop into your head!

When you catch it wandering, don’t get mad, just notice your lack of focus and begin again, 1…..2…..3…..4….5…6….7….8….9…..10…..1….2

This lack of focus is exactly what causes loose shots on the course, so practicing getting your focus back whilst staying relaxed is essential.

If you master this for just a few minutes you will feel amazing, calm yet energized.

So don’t waste your time in the rain, train your brain.

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