Looking for your next fix ?

Just last week I had a very keen golf student come for his third lesson,but before we talk about that lets bring you upto date, with his recent history.

Lesson one

We started about 10 days ago, and it soon became clear, within a couple of swings, that although it looked like the swing was very unorthodox and indeed all over the place, we needed to go back to basics and adjust the address position so that the club, his wrists, arms and body were correctly aligned and balanced before the movement could even be considered.

Once this was done the swing immediately improved and most of the swing faults disappeared as if by magic.

He was now hitting the ball beautifully so we agreed to meet again in a few days to check on progress, making sure he had a disciplined address routine.

Lesson two

 Next time we meet, the address position was not too bad but the but the takeaway had gone crazy, as the clubhead was moving away much faster than the hands and the swing had become very flat.

 Again we adjusted the set up first just moving the hands and club to the centre line of the body(he had them slighty ahead of centre), but this time we stressed the importance of the movement beginning with the body and hands pushing the clubhead back low and slow.The clubhead is the last thing to move, not the first.

Hey presto everything was suddenly perfect again, so he agreed to practice set up routine and takeaway and we plan to  meet in 5 days.

Lesson three 

When he turns up this time he cannot hit the ball at all, it is worse than it has ever been, and I realised there was no point fixing his swing again, even though that is what he wanted.

It was obvoius to me he had become addicted to the next fix.

He craved it like a drug addict.

He had been doing these drugs for years, with all the lessons he had ever had( not from me this was only lesson 3),surely the next tip would make it work!

Just one more magic move! Please.

It was obvious that to really help him I must refuse to fix him again.

When he asked me” what on earth are we going to do if you do not fix me?”, I explained that he needed to learn how to apply lessons only to the point of balance.

That is what a good lesson is doing , helping the player to achieve balance, but that same lesson applied over and over will result in a loss of balance, unless the player knows when to stop.

When we are playing well, we notice …..NOTHING!

Nothing  is what you notice if you are in balance.

So this lesson was to practice slowly, breathing deeply, feeling heavy in the feet, swinging with full awarness of the action of swinging the club.

Noticing the shot,yes, but putting most of the attention on the feed back the body gave.

Feeling small imbalances, but then doing nothing about it.

Just set up for the next shot, play again, notice the feed back from the body, but do nothing about it.

Soon he realised the body is very capable of adjusting automaticly as long as he noticed what what happening.

Within 30 minutes he was calm , confident and swinging with full awarness.

We agree to meet in a few weeks, let’s hope he does not want me to fix him again,! 



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