Learn the rules of both golf and life, and change the world

Talking with friends recently about the responsibility we have for making the right choices for the next generations education, it became apparent golf can teach us all much about the worlds present problems.

Back when I grew up, my mother decided that there would be no rules for me, her fifth child. I think she had read a book. My siblings had been raised by my father with a rod of iron, because that was the way he was raised. So naturally I was a wild child free to do as I pleased, but luckily for me there was still enough discipline around me in all the other children that I soon picked up the rules of society, how to behave in order to work with others for a common good.

Similarly when I first joined a golf club, I was very full of myself, but very quickly, because the other members knew the rules ( respect others, respect the course, respect yourself) I picked them up within a few days.

As long as the rules of society are clear we can all coexist without problems, but we need to make sure those who know the rules out number those who don’t.

The recent trend to encourage everyone to focus mainly on self development has missed the basic need to keep a balance.

The balance needs to be redressed before the world and society falls apart.

So whether you are playing a game of golf, or busy playing the game of life, make sure you follow the rules.

  • Respect others
  • Respect the environment
  • Respect yourself

Let us make sure we pass on these rules to the next generation, wherever they live and whatever they believe.

Be brave tell it like it is the world needs you now!


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