Are you brave enough to learn? Do you have the courage to let go of what you know, in order to learn something new?

Recently a very good player, (handicap 5), contacted me and decided to come to Spain to have coaching for a week.

He had in his earlier life coached tennis and played international handball, so his eye hand coordination was exceptional.

He could play to 5 easily but still he was not happy with his golf.

Now that already makes him special because I know 99% of world golfers would like to be a good 5 handicapper!

Once I saw him getting ready to hit the  ball it was obvious  why the good scores he could do, did not satisfy him.

He played golf in a similar way to the sports he knew well, namely his right arm was all dominant and played independently from the body.

Now this is a subject we have covered at length ( see “Slapping and Sliding”) and normally most people do not play well if this is their technique, but in this gentleman’s case his eye hand coordination was so developed that he could actually play well.

The thing was that deep down even if the numbers were good he knew he was not playing well.

He wanted to change and strike the ball well, even if the scores were not so good for a while.

Luckily all that really needed to change was his address position, and then the takeaway so first we set about developing a routine that got him, gripping ,aiming and standing correctly.

Once this was achieved, the takeaway naturally became one piece, and the other changes to the swing just happened.

Being open to learning is a skill which needs developing, as fear of letting go of what we already know will make learning much harder.

Bravery is key, but you can only really be brave if you are first frightened, so feel the fear and do it anyway!

Remember somebody who keeps doing the same actions but expects the outcome to be different we usually call “crazy”!





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