Attitude is everything.Be honest and be positive.

Recently I have been coaching several clients with a variety of  problems with their golf.

Some aim right, some aim left, some don’t aim at all!

Some have the club in  the wrong part of the hand, even those with a correct position often grip too loose, and others too tight!

Some bend over too much and are too far from the ball, others stand too tall and are too close at address.

Whatever is wrong, all of them end up too close to the ball after they have hit it!

The other common factor has been attitude, nearly all of these players have a defensive attitude.

When mistakes happen, which they are destined to do, instead of finding out the cause the defensive player adapts

( often subconsciously) to reduce the mistake, slicers aim more left, hookers aim more right, etc.

This actually aggravates the problem and it gets bigger and bigger, until one day it is so bad they decide to seek out help.

That’s when I see them.

If the attitude were more positive and the player would “own” the mistake and become interested in what has actually  happened, awareness will increase, and true learning take place.

The problem is exaggerated by defending against it, but a real solution is found if you attack the problem.

Usually the solution lies in the grip, the aim,  or the posture.

So be honest and be positive, check your basics, take control, do not defend your errors, as they will only grow bigger if you do.

I may well see less of you, but your golf will keep improving, which is what matters.


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