Physical/Mental strength and flexibility for great golf

Much has been written on the importance of good technique, and indeed the technique of many modern players is much improved, compared to players of the past. More often than not though I see the scoring performance of these long hitting kids is not as good as their elders.  Perhaps as we get older we get wiser, certainly ’emotional intelligence’  plays a big part in getting your ball around the course in fewer shots. Nothing much good comes from fear and anger. Golf is essentially a balance between thinking (before the swing) and feeling (once the swing begins) .These different skills need to be practiced separately as they involve diferrent parts of the brain.The thinking part, is called the neo cortex, whereas the   ‘limbic brain’ is where the feel, the emotions and indeed happiness reside.

The Gogolf4life  philosophy goes above and beyond what was once considered a “golf lesson.” We strive to create a holistic approach for improvement, ultimately creating a bespoke package to improve your game and your life. This includes an evaluation of physical/mental  flexibility and strength as it applies to your individual golf game and it enables us to customise a consistent swing based on solid fundamentals. The holistic approach includes:

  • Golf Lessons: Technique in the full swing and short game strokes.
  • Body Assessment: Evaluating motion potential and the most repeatable swing for you.
  • Spirit & Focus: Mastery of the mental side of the game gives peak performance on and off the course.


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