There is only in balance and imbalance, which one are you?

After more than 40 years of coaching golf, I have noticed it is rare that something brand new comes along, very often  “new discoveries” tend to be recycled truths from the past.

However early in March 2016 I by chance listened to an interview with Dr David Wright which had me stand up and pay attention .

Dr Wright started out as one of the first mental coaches on the US Tour,  more than 30 years ago, but gradually became more interested in how physical imbalance affected his players ability to visualize their next shot. In 2008 having conducted a 3 year research into balance at Dr. Frank Jobe’s Biomechanics Lab at Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles, the link between physical balance and visualization began to emerge.


For many years I have been convinced the best golf swing would come from good routine designed to create a quiet mind, a balanced set up, and a smooth takeaway. Ideally this movement used the core muscles, arms and hands in one piece. The rest of the swing would just flow from there.
Turns out I am not far wrong, but “the core” is actually split horizontally into 9 regions, and unless you identify your dominant region you will never be truly aligned and in balance . For some players even the size of the grip under the right and left hand can throw off your aim and balance.

Without first identifying your body’s natural balance your golf swing will never really fit you. The resulting swing will be full of physical compensations and mental doubt. That is why copying the swing of the latest champion never works.
Happily Dr Wright has shared his research into balance with me, and I would like to share it with you.

Now we are able to make sure your swing fits your body.
So if would like to achieve perfect balance and play out of your mind call 0034649127 or email for a fitting appointment.

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