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Who will win the Open?

Royal Troon hosts the Open for the 9th time in 2016.
Ever since Arnold Palmer was Champion golfer in 1962, all the winners have come from the USA.
Will the weather be kind and give the High core players like Mickelson, Watson and Reed the chance. Perhaps the wind blows and the pendulum swings in favour of the Low core players, like Dustin / Zach Johnson, or Justin Thomas.
One thing is sure whoever keeps their physical and mental balance the best will win. they might even come from Europe.That would be good with the Ryder in September.
If you want to know where your perfect balance is, and play your best all the time, contact a Wright Balance fitter now.

Is Core Balance the Key to Everything?

Everyone’s body is different, so it makes sense that everyone’s perfect balance will be found in a different place.

Dr David Wright from California is in the forefront of the study of human balance, and has developed a system of mapping the core muscles of an individual, and then using a few simple tests, to identify their dominant core region. Only one of the nine core regions will exhibit symmetry.

It is even possible with regular “planking” of all the nine core regions to develop symmetry throughout, with benefits to health and performance. This only takes 5 minutes a day.

It makes sense that someone who is perfectly balanced and aligned will have fewer doubts in their mind, and it has also been proven by Dr Wright that when you have a balanced core your ability to visualize improves dramatically.

These are valuable assets for any sportsperson, and go a good way to explain, why just trying to copy the technique of the latest champion is doomed to failure, unless by chance the champion and you have exactly the same body.

As a golf coach the opportunity to know exactly what body I am dealing with, before offering advice, is a revelation, and I would even go as far to say it makes me much better at my job of tailoring the swing to the individual.

The artist Henri Matisse died the year I was born, and he famously said “I dream of an art of balance”.

I am with him, I dream of Golf, that is “the art of balance”, but not being a great artist, it helps when a scientist like Dr Wright, does a detailed sketch for me to colour in.

There is only in balance and imbalance, which one are you?

After more than 40 years of coaching golf, I have noticed it is rare that something brand new comes along, very often  “new discoveries” tend to be recycled truths from the past.

However early in March 2016 I by chance listened to an interview with Dr David Wright which had me stand up and pay attention .

Dr Wright started out as one of the first mental coaches on the US Tour,  more than 30 years ago, but gradually became more interested in how physical imbalance affected his players ability to visualize their next shot. In 2008 having conducted a 3 year research into balance at Dr. Frank Jobe’s Biomechanics Lab at Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles, the link between physical balance and visualization began to emerge.


For many years I have been convinced the best golf swing would come from good routine designed to create a quiet mind, a balanced set up, and a smooth takeaway. Ideally this movement used the core muscles, arms and hands in one piece. The rest of the swing would just flow from there.
Turns out I am not far wrong, but “the core” is actually split horizontally into 9 regions, and unless you identify your dominant region you will never be truly aligned and in balance . For some players even the size of the grip under the right and left hand can throw off your aim and balance.

Without first identifying your body’s natural balance your golf swing will never really fit you. The resulting swing will be full of physical compensations and mental doubt. That is why copying the swing of the latest champion never works.
Happily Dr Wright has shared his research into balance with me, and I would like to share it with you.

Now we are able to make sure your swing fits your body.
So if would like to achieve perfect balance and play out of your mind call 0034649127 or email peter.millhouse@gogolf4life.com for a fitting appointment.

Thumbs up to thumbs down drill!

A brilliant drill for learning how the hands are responsible for lining up the club shaft and left forearm early in the downswing comes from the other side of the world. It also promotes balance and the sense of staying over the ball though impact.
Australian Peter Croker has been a famous coach for many years, and I have followed his wise words ever since a chance meeting in Sotogrande 10 years ago.
Here is a video on YouTube of me doing the “Thumbs down drill” which has a BIG THUMBS UP from me.





Amber Baltic Polish Paradise

Here is a thought why not go to Poland to play golf?

Just returned from coaching in Amber Baltic Golf Club, on the island of Wolin near Szczecin Poland. A beautiful course in great natural surroundings, suprisingly good climate for golf and beer at only £1 a pint!

There is a 4 star  hotel right on the sea with healthy iodine enriched air coming off the Baltic, felt like Blackpool without the tower.

It can be reached cheaply from Dublin, Liverpool and Stansted , and has a ferry link with Sweden so it is sure to become a firm favourite with all serious fun loving golfers soon.

Book now before Poland adopts the Euro and grab  yourself a bargain.

Paradise is not so far away after all.



Physical/Mental strength and flexibility for great golf

Much has been written on the importance of good technique, and indeed the technique of many modern players is much improved, compared to players of the past. More often than not though I see the scoring performance of these long hitting kids is not as good as their elders.  Perhaps as we get older we get wiser, certainly ’emotional intelligence’  plays a big part in getting your ball around the course in fewer shots. Nothing much good comes from fear and anger. Golf is essentially a balance between thinking (before the swing) and feeling (once the swing begins) .These different skills need to be practiced separately as they involve diferrent parts of the brain.The thinking part, is called the neo cortex, whereas the   ‘limbic brain’ is where the feel, the emotions and indeed happiness reside.

The Gogolf4life  philosophy goes above and beyond what was once considered a “golf lesson.” We strive to create a holistic approach for improvement, ultimately creating a bespoke package to improve your game and your life. This includes an evaluation of physical/mental  flexibility and strength as it applies to your individual golf game and it enables us to customise a consistent swing based on solid fundamentals. The holistic approach includes:

  • Golf Lessons: Technique in the full swing and short game strokes.
  • Body Assessment: Evaluating motion potential and the most repeatable swing for you.
  • Spirit & Focus: Mastery of the mental side of the game gives peak performance on and off the course.


Attitude is everything.Be honest and be positive.

Recently I have been coaching several clients with a variety of  problems with their golf.

Some aim right, some aim left, some don’t aim at all!

Some have the club in  the wrong part of the hand, even those with a correct position often grip too loose, and others too tight!

Some bend over too much and are too far from the ball, others stand too tall and are too close at address.

Whatever is wrong, all of them end up too close to the ball after they have hit it!

The other common factor has been attitude, nearly all of these players have a defensive attitude.

When mistakes happen, which they are destined to do, instead of finding out the cause the defensive player adapts

( often subconsciously) to reduce the mistake, slicers aim more left, hookers aim more right, etc.

This actually aggravates the problem and it gets bigger and bigger, until one day it is so bad they decide to seek out help.

That’s when I see them.

If the attitude were more positive and the player would “own” the mistake and become interested in what has actually  happened, awareness will increase, and true learning take place.

The problem is exaggerated by defending against it, but a real solution is found if you attack the problem.

Usually the solution lies in the grip, the aim,  or the posture.

So be honest and be positive, check your basics, take control, do not defend your errors, as they will only grow bigger if you do.

I may well see less of you, but your golf will keep improving, which is what matters.


Are you brave enough to learn? Do you have the courage to let go of what you know, in order to learn something new?

Recently a very good player, (handicap 5), contacted me and decided to come to Spain to have coaching for a week.

He had in his earlier life coached tennis and played international handball, so his eye hand coordination was exceptional.

He could play to 5 easily but still he was not happy with his golf.

Now that already makes him special because I know 99% of world golfers would like to be a good 5 handicapper!

Once I saw him getting ready to hit the  ball it was obvious  why the good scores he could do, did not satisfy him.

He played golf in a similar way to the sports he knew well, namely his right arm was all dominant and played independently from the body.

Now this is a subject we have covered at length ( see “Slapping and Sliding”) and normally most people do not play well if this is their technique, but in this gentleman’s case his eye hand coordination was so developed that he could actually play well.

The thing was that deep down even if the numbers were good he knew he was not playing well.

He wanted to change and strike the ball well, even if the scores were not so good for a while.

Luckily all that really needed to change was his address position, and then the takeaway so first we set about developing a routine that got him, gripping ,aiming and standing correctly.

Once this was achieved, the takeaway naturally became one piece, and the other changes to the swing just happened.

Being open to learning is a skill which needs developing, as fear of letting go of what we already know will make learning much harder.

Bravery is key, but you can only really be brave if you are first frightened, so feel the fear and do it anyway!

Remember somebody who keeps doing the same actions but expects the outcome to be different we usually call “crazy”!





Learn the rules of both golf and life, and change the world

Talking with friends recently about the responsibility we have for making the right choices for the next generations education, it became apparent golf can teach us all much about the worlds present problems.

Back when I grew up, my mother decided that there would be no rules for me, her fifth child. I think she had read a book. My siblings had been raised by my father with a rod of iron, because that was the way he was raised. So naturally I was a wild child free to do as I pleased, but luckily for me there was still enough discipline around me in all the other children that I soon picked up the rules of society, how to behave in order to work with others for a common good.

Similarly when I first joined a golf club, I was very full of myself, but very quickly, because the other members knew the rules ( respect others, respect the course, respect yourself) I picked them up within a few days.

As long as the rules of society are clear we can all coexist without problems, but we need to make sure those who know the rules out number those who don’t.

The recent trend to encourage everyone to focus mainly on self development has missed the basic need to keep a balance.

The balance needs to be redressed before the world and society falls apart.

So whether you are playing a game of golf, or busy playing the game of life, make sure you follow the rules.

  • Respect others
  • Respect the environment
  • Respect yourself

Let us make sure we pass on these rules to the next generation, wherever they live and whatever they believe.

Be brave tell it like it is the world needs you now!


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