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Learn how your body wants you to swing, play your best all the time


Who will win the Open?

Royal Troon hosts the Open for the 9th time in 2016. Ever since Arnold Palmer was Champion golfer in 1962, all the winners have come from the USA. Will the weather be kind and give the High core players like Mickelson, Watson and Reed the chance. Perhaps the wind blows and the pendulum swings in […]

Is Core Balance the Key to Everything?

Everyone’s body is different, so it makes sense that everyone’s perfect balance will be found in a different place. Dr David Wright from California is in the forefront of the study of human balance, and has developed a system of mapping the core muscles of an individual, and then using a few simple tests, to […]

There is only in balance and imbalance, which one are you?

After more than 40 years of coaching golf, I have noticed it is rare that something brand new comes along, very often  “new discoveries” tend to be recycled truths from the past. However early in March 2016 I by chance listened to an interview with Dr David Wright which had me stand up and pay […]

Thumbs up to thumbs down drill!

A brilliant drill for learning how the hands are responsible for lining up the club shaft and left forearm early in the downswing comes from the other side of the world. It also promotes balance and the sense of staying over the ball though impact. Australian Peter Croker has been a famous coach for many […]

Amber Baltic Polish Paradise

Here is a thought why not go to Poland to play golf? Just returned from coaching in Amber Baltic Golf Club, on the island of Wolin near Szczecin Poland. A beautiful course in great natural surroundings, suprisingly good climate for golf and beer at only £1 a pint! There is a 4 star  hotel right on […]

Physical/Mental strength and flexibility for great golf

Much has been written on the importance of good technique, and indeed the technique of many modern players is much improved, compared to players of the past. More often than not though I see the scoring performance of these long hitting kids is not as good as their elders.  Perhaps as we get older we […]

Attitude is everything.Be honest and be positive.

Recently I have been coaching several clients with a variety of  problems with their golf. Some aim right, some aim left, some don’t aim at all! Some have the club in  the wrong part of the hand, even those with a correct position often grip too loose, and others too tight! Some bend over too […]

Are you brave enough to learn? Do you have the courage to let go of what you know, in order to learn something new?

Recently a very good player, (handicap 5), contacted me and decided to come to Spain to have coaching for a week. He had in his earlier life coached tennis and played international handball, so his eye hand coordination was exceptional. He could play to 5 easily but still he was not happy with his golf. […]

Learn the rules of both golf and life, and change the world

Talking with friends recently about the responsibility we have for making the right choices for the next generations education, it became apparent golf can teach us all much about the worlds present problems. Back when I grew up, my mother decided that there would be no rules for me, her fifth child. I think she had […]

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