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Exercise on the sofa

Hi I am Peter Millhouse from GoGolf4Life and I am going to show you a simple drill to re-educate your right arm for golf. Most people I meet are completely unaware of how their right arm acts independently of their wishes. I you want to control the ball, you must first control the club, and that means you need to know what your right hand is doing.

Best exercise I know is to train at home on the sofa!

  • Just hold an iron in the fingers of the right hand near the club head
  • Sit on the sofa with the club pointing towards your belt buckle
  • Twist your arm to the right keeping the elbow pointing towards your belt buckle until the shaft is parallel to the edge of the sofa
  • Keep the arm still but gently using the wrist lift and drop the shaft a few cms keeping it parallel to the edge.
  • This is the move that starts the downswing, Simples!

See the video lesson

The Golf Grip

Step 1

  • Start by making sure you grip club deep enough in the left hand.
  • It should run diagonally from the edge of the heart line to the middle joint of the index finger.
  • Check your wrist is neutral and neither arched or cocked.

Step 2

  • Now close heel of palm over top of grip.
  • Grip lightly with last 3 fingers of left hand.
  • Thumb should now be right of centre line.
  • Thumb should be same lenght down grip as index finger.

Step 3

  • Create kink in wrist so end of club points towards your belt buckle.
  • Feel pressure from heel of left hand on top of grip by holding club horizontal to ground
  • Check end of grip is about 2 hands width from your body.

Step 4

  • Bring right hand towards grip so that middle joints of middle 2 fingers are under  the grip.
  • Index, or trigger finger, pushed away from 2 middle fingers
  • Little finger rests in gap or ontop of left index.

Step 5

  • Roll your right hand ontop of left thumb
  • Notice gentle pressure of top of right life line onto 2nd joint of left thumb.

Step 6

  • Right thumb should now be left of centre line of grip
  • Thumb and index same length
  • Left wrist is kinked right wrist is flat.
  • Perfect!
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