What our clients say about our Golf Lessons

Shortly after my eightieth birthday I realized my golf swing was losing consistency. I stepped up my practice and although there was some improvement my problem was still consistency.


About two months ago, Peter introduced me to the Wright Balance. The big advantage is that with the right stance I am in balance and any corrections in the swing can be corrected. Before, I was attempting to correct problems by adjusting my stance, so that my chances of making a correct swing were minimized. It was difficult for the pro to give advice, because he could not be certain that I would have the same stance on each occasion.


The Wright Balance identifies from which part of your core you swing. If you swing with your upper core it is no use copying Sergio Garcia, who swings from the lower core. The movement of the hips is completely different.


The system brings benefits for chipping and putting. You need to practice to instinctively get the right stance widths. I am now 82 and after two months I have seen an improvement in my ability to repeat the swing. Being in balance, I have added some distance to my shots. I am now playing to my handicap of 15.


Alan Kennedy


“We played golf for quite some years but obviously with wrongly
educated basic techniques. With a few of your ( easy to learn )
lessons you convinced us to change our fundamentals. The effect on our
game was huge. Off course all needs practising and back home we notice
further improving day by day. Thanks for all and hope to meet you

Nancy en Philip

“Our family has had the privilege of having lessons with Peter for the last 4 years. He has been a huge hit with our three boys and has really turned them into budding professionals. They have had lessons in every aspect of the game including etiquette on the golf course and have developed golf swings that would make even Ryder Cup players envious.

Peter is very patient and is knowledgeable in every aspect of the game. He is a pleasure to work with and makes every effort to tailor the lessons to your needs. I have been to see many very well-known golf professionals in Florida but none have given me the in-depth insight into the golf swing that Peter does. He presents it in a way which is easy to understand and effortless to repeat. I particularly enjoy the club-throwing as part of learning the correct release.

I can highly recommend Peter to anyone and hope they get the opportunity to take advantage of the outstanding golf facilities at La Reserva as well.

Michael C, London

“With some time and patience from Peter I can now finally hit a golf ball with relative consistency! Thanks again”

Jon Allen, Middlesbrough

“Peter, Amazing lessons that have helped me so much. Hoping to be playing off single figures by summer!”

James, Sotogrande

“Thanks Peter, 1 hour long lesson shaved 2 strokes off my handicap. Will be back for more shortly!”

Iain Farr, Alcaidesa

“Peter taught me so much in one month (4 lessons). Even in a class of 4, I felt he really focused on my potential and was sensitive to my particular learning technique and ability.”

Annika (14 yrs.) Sotogrande

“After playing for a year just for fun and reaching nowhere (does a round of 130 counts as somewhere? Probably not…), I took 4 lessons with peter that completely changed my fundamental understanding of the game and immediately improved my scores from 130 to 110 (and going down…).
Thanks peter for very clear and easy to learn fundamentals – I can now take this game more seriously and maybe even win some bets!”

Moshe Davidovich. Gibraltar

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